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There are a few things you should note if you are currently scheduled or plan to schedule while we are dealing with COVID-19:

      1) If you have been knowingly exposed to COVID19 within the last 3 weeks.

      2) If you have any respiratory symptoms, fever, cough, sore throat, or basically anything that is not normally considered healthy. 

WE WILL TURN YOU AWAY IF WE SEE ANY SIGNS OF ILLNESS.  We apologize now if your symptoms are due to seasonal allergies as you will be turned away. We must, at this time, err on the side of caution.

DOUBLE CHECK YOUR APPOINTMENT REMINDER FOR EXACT TIME OF YOUR APPOINTMENT (This may be different than your original confirmation)
     We may move your appointment up 15 minutes or out up to 30 minutes without contacting you in order to provide time for extra sanitization measures between clients and to avoid having more than one person in our waiting area at a given time.  

Our Commitment to Keep You Healthy!

       1) You may hear a crinkle as you lay on the massage table as we now will be using a vinyl covering over heating pads, cushions, etc.  Vinyl can be more easily sanitized between every client and minimizes the risk of any virus penetrating fabric barriers.

       2) Your therapist will be wearing a mask during the face up portion of your massage.

       3) We will be sanitizing all surfaces between every appointment with anti viral sanitizers and UV light. In addition, we will have an air purifier with UV sanitization running in waiting area and massage room to quickly clear any airborne droplets should someone have an unforeseen cough or sneeze.

       4) You will notice a double sheet rather than blankets.  If you are not warm enough, please let your therapist know as we do have flannel sheets available.

       5) Your therapist will NOT be massaging faces or hands until further notice and we will be asking you sanitize your hands before getting onto the massage table.

       6) We have allowed more time between appointments to fully sanitize all room surfaces after each client.  There is not need to come more than 5 minutes before your appointment as we want to avoid contact with other clients in our waiting room.

       7) We will be taking temperatures of all staff before starting the day and of all clients before they are taken to a massage room.  In addition, clients will be asked to sign a COVID-19 questionaire/waiver before being treated.

       8) We will not be offering discounted First Time Client massages while we are dealing with COVID-19 restrictions.

       9) Hand sanitizer will be available for your use.

These changes are new to us as well so please bear with us as we navigate and adjust where necessary. 

We understand that many of you may not immediately feel comfortable seeking massage therapy and we respect that choice.  All of us at Apple Valley Massage have different situations that we are trying to manage during this time as well and thus we will all be starting back at different times.

We appreciate all of you who have chosen to support us through this time of uncertainty and we will keep you updated as things continue to evolve.

Praying for your health and safety.  We sure do miss all of you!

The Apple Valley Massage Team
Jodie, Margaret, Jeff & Ashley

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